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BrickRadar generates daily sneaker resell recommendations based on sales data and trends, helping you make more money with less work.


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Consistently making money
reselling sneakers is hard…

  • Copping the most hyped sneakers to resell is a hit and miss. Sometimes you just can’t get them…

  • And even if you get them, sometimes they don’t end up making you nearly enough profit to make it worth it.

  • Reselling less hyped sneakers can get you a 20-100% profit consistently. But it’s time-consuming and easy to make mistakes.

BrickRadar helps you be profitable every day.

BrickRadar is the only sneaker reselling group leveraging AI to find the best, most profitable sneaker reselling opportunities that are based on cold hard data, not “hunches”.
All with zero grunt work on your part.​

Our BrickFinder Algorithm makes finding your next profitable sneaker effortless.

  • Profitable sneakers are chosen by an algorithm, based on sales data and trends (instead of someone’s “gut feeling”).

  • You get dozens of new options daily, analyzed, and evaluated down to the potential of each single size.

  • All you need to do is choose the sneaker to resell, click the store link, and buy it… and then resell it for 20-100% profit.

Our proven 3-step process makes
profitable reselling dead easy.


Our proprietary algorithm generates profitable sneaker recommendations daily. You just choose your investment and click the link.


The link brings you directly to the sneaker store page. You just purchase them from there and wait for delivery. No expensive sneaker bots needed.


Once you have the sneaker, all you need to do is list them for sale on reselling platforms like StockX and GOAT. Then, ship them when they sell. Dead easy.


BrickRadar has everything you need to
bring your sneaker reselling to the next level
(even if you are just starting out)


Consistently making money
reselling sneakers is hard…

  • Our algorithm generates profitable sneakers daily, suggesting exactly what to buy down to the size.

  • You don’t need expensive bots. Just click the links provided to buy the sneaker online.

  • Follow our proven 3-step Click-Buy-Sell process to make 20-100% profit on every single sneaker you resell!


Rely on data, not gut feeling

  • Resell recommendations are generated by an algorithm based on sales data and trends, not someone’s “gut feeling”.

  • Buy profitable sneakers you can consistently resell at 20-100% profits, every day, creating a solid income stream.

  • Minimize your risk thanks to the algorithm’s BrickScore that tells you exactly how safe a sneaker’s profits are.


Leverage community knowledge

  • Access in-depth guides for every level, beginner to advanced. Even if you never sold sneakers before you can start being profitable on day 1.

  • Join a group of 200+ dedicated sneaker resellers to answer your questions and share strategies, tips & tricks, and motivation.

  • Our dedicated support is ready to assist you with any issues you might have inside BrickRadar.


Avoid saturated,
overhyped sneakers

  • BrickRadar has limited spots to make sure everyone inside can make profits on the algorithm’s recommendations.

  • We avoid overhyped sneakers and instead focus on reliable sneakers that resell with a 20-100% profit margin.

  • Get access to unknown sneaker websites that ship to your region.


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