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Stop wasting time on ineffective research and let our custom website monitors do the hard work for you.

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Make informed purchase decisions using data and proven strategies and prevent investing in "unsellable" sneakers.


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It's all about access, make sure to have a long list of profitable sneakers available every time you are ready to buy new inventory.

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Instead of spending a lot of time on searching profitable sneakers to resell, make sure to outsource that part of your business to us.

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Build meaningful connections with other members and let them help you with important questions.

You are not alone
Working together with likeminded individuals is extremely powerful and will help you stay up to date about the newest sneaker reselling events.


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Focus on what matters most to enable rapid growth and steady profits for the years to come.

No shiny objects
Learn to stay focussed on sneaker reselling and improve your craft day after day instead of jumping from hype to hype and never make any noteworthy profits.

Use data and strategies to increase your profits

The BrickRadar algorithm is very powerful and will help you make better purchase decisions.

The foundation of sneaker reselling
It's all about knowing what sneaker you can sell for a profit and that's exactly what our algorithm will show you. Meet the new foundation of your business.


"I never sold any sneakers before joining BrickRadar. I won a couple of shoes on the SNKRS app but no more 5 pairs.
After joining BrickRadar I sold almost 30 pairs in my first month and made about $450 in profits! This will easily pay for my membership fees."

Mark V. - BrickRadar Member

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Discount Codes

Be notified as soon as new discount codes are available and use them to increase your reselling profits.

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Website Monitors

Receive full access to our website monitors that work 24/7 to thousands of sneakers among 10+ regions.

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Resell Estimates

Knowing what the resell price is before you decide to purchase inventory is the  key to profitable reselling.

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