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How will BrickRadar help you 
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Reselling Cook Group

Join a community of sneaker resellers and get access to exclusive resell information about profitable sneakers.

Website Monitors

Access custom website monitors that uses an algorithm to find profitable sneakers that no one else can see.

Resell Estimates

Know exactly how much you can profit from a sneaker based on your purchase price and resell platform data.

3 Step Process

Learn 3 easy steps to buy, list and sell sneakers so you can get started and see success immediately.

Reselling Guides

Detailed and easy to understand reselling guides will make you a profitable reseller from the moment you join.

Discount Codes

We will search for discount codes and how they affect sneaker profits, so you will save huge amounts time 


Save huge amounts of time by using our sneaker research.

  • Our custom website monitors are researching thousands of sneaker around the clock providing you with the most profitable opportunities.

  • Use our automated research and save hundreds of hours a month doing it yourself.

  • Price change or restock? Our custom website monitors will let you know immediately.

Increase your reselling profits by hand picking your sneakers.

  • Know what the resell value of a sneaker is before you decide to invest in new inventory.

  • Choose to resell only those sneakers with profit margins you are satisfied with to rapidly grow your business.

  • Consistently re-invest your profits in yet the next available sneaker and keep the ball rolling.


Reduce your risk by only buying those sneaker you know will sell.

  • Use the resell estimates to make fact-based decisions and reduce you risk.

  • See how many times a month each size of that specific sneaker is selling. Helping you estimate how many pairs you can buy without risking to have them in stock forever.

  • Protect yourself against the risk of a declining resell price by making sure a sneaker has got enough profit margin to take a hit.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If BrickRadar does not meet your expectations for whatever reason you will get your money back. All you have to do is email us at and we will refund you. No questions asked.


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